We’re Giving Away a New Macbook Pro

By / Sep 7, 2009 / Updates

The contest is now over and the judging has begun.

When we launched WDL Premium, we gave away a brand new iMac. It was a great way for us to show our appreciation to our new Premium Members. Now we want to show our appreciation again, but this time we’re giving away a Macbook Pro and 2 free lifetime memberships to new members, along with 3 free lifetime memberships to existing members.

Update: We’ve had 130 new members sign up, out of the 150 spots.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro Technical Specs

13-inch: 2.26GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB Memory
160GB hard drive1
SD card slot
Built-in 7-hour battery2
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics

How to Win the Macbook Pro

To be eligible to win the Macbook Pro, you have to follow 2 simple steps:

Step 1 Sign up for a WDL Premium membership. Only the next 150 new members will be eligible starting today, September 7, 2009. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Step 2 Send out an update on twitter to help spread the word about WDL Premium. At the end of the tweet include this hashtag: #wdlmacbookpro followed by your new WDL Premium username. The person with the best tweet will be declared the winner. Tweets will be judged on the best promotion of WDL Premium within the 140 character limitation of twitter.

Example tweet:

WDL Premium is too good to be true! http://bit.ly/u914U #wdlmacbookpro hmjones

The second and third place tweets will win a free lifetime membership to WDL Premium.

Existing Members

You’re not left out. We’re giving away 3 free lifetime memberships for you all. Since you are already a member, simply do the following:

Send out an update on twitter to help spread the word about WDL Premium. At the end of the tweet include this hashtag: #wdlcontest1 followed by your WDL Premium username. The 3 people with the best tweets will be declared the winners. Tweets will be judged on the best promotion of WDL Premium within the 140 character limitation of twitter.

Example tweet:

WDL Premium is too good to be true! http://bit.ly/u914U #wdlcontest1 hmjones

Official Rules

  • Contest begins September 7, 2009.
  • Contest will end when 150 new members have signed up.
  • Tweets will be judged on the best promotion of WDL Premium within the 140 character limitation of twitter.
  • Only one sign up and tweet per person.
  • Web Design Ledger staff members and family of staff members are not eligible.
  • Winners will be notified by email.
  • Macbook Pro prize will be awarded in the form of an Apple gift card for the amount of $1,199.00.

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • http://www.demogar.com demogar

    This is great, but I live in Panama so I beleive I can’t get in, right?

  • http://www.webdevtuts.net Marcell

    Sounds like a great contest!

  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    @demogar: As far as I know there shouldn’t be an issue with you living in Panama. Even if Apple won’t ship there, we will get you the prize if you were to win.

  • David Pohlmeier

    How can you enter if you don’t use Twitter?

  • http://blog.pdwd.net Paul Davis

    I just bought this exact MBP yesterday! It’s a gorgeous machine.

    Also, that’s the 15″ in the photos. 😉

  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    David Pohlmeier: For this contest, you have to use twitter. Signing up for a twitter account is very easy. It might be worth it. :)

  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    @Paul Davis: Nice! Do you love it?

    Good catch on the pics. Didn’t notice they were showing the 15″ in.

  • John

    That’s awesome! But can I use the coupon in India? We don’t have an Apple Store here but only Apple Authorized Retailers which function somewhat in a similar way.

  • http://www.chrismorata.com Chris Morata

    ^^^ this guy just signed up…pick me!

  • http://www.bebop-ad.com BebopDesigner

    Sounds brilliant! already tweeted this… http://twitter.com/BebopDesigner/status/3844446178
    Hope it gets to someone


  • Andrei Luca

    Is that a problem if I didn’t subscribed with the same email as the paypal address?


  • http://daneblogger.com Mikkel

    I tweeted it: http://twitter.com/DaneBlogger/status/3846631963

    Good luck, everyone – but most to me I hope 😉


  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    @John: I don’t see why living in India would be an issue. As mentioned above in another comment, we would get the prize to you one way or another. Even sending the equivalent amount through paypal would be an option.

  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    @Andrei Luca: Nope that’s not a problem :)

  • Markus

    For the record, it is a Federal offense in the United States to run a contest with a prize which requires purchase.

    Please reference this article for a simple description of this statement.


  • http://henryjones.us Henry

    @Markus: Thanks for pointing this out, but this is a skill competition not a game of chance. So it is not considered an illegal lottery.

  • Nik Phillips

    What a great opportunity! Been wanting to join for a while, and this is the perfect incentive!
    Good luck all!

  • Süleyman Şentürk

    Tweeted it too: http://twitter.com/rapidsitemap/status/3840429026

    Good luck to all.

  • http://www.kindofpretty.com Maximilian Guy McNair MacEwan

    So keen to win this!!
    Signed up and tweeted! Eek ~ MBP would be perfect for work.

    I am loving the site so far… It has a whole heap of stuff to learn. I don’t have time for a web design course right now but I think this will fill the gap.

  • peta calvert

    all signed up for premium goodness. quite the blossoming resource you have happening here. fingers and toes crossed for the MB and goodluck to all :)

  • Beth Case

    Just joined on the 5th. If I’d waited two days, I could have been in the running for the Mac! Oh well, hoping for a lifetime membership…

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      Beth Case: I’m sorry :( but don’t worry. We plan on doing all kinds of cool stuff for our members, including more contests. And I’m sure they will include more Apple products :)

  • http://www.jeffmiskis.com/ Jeff Miskis

    It’s kind of disappointing that we members who’ve recently signed up in the last few months aren’t eligible to win this macbook pro.

    I’d LOVE a new machine. Guess I shouldn’t have joined a couple months ago… :(

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Jeff Miskis: No need to be disappointed. We are going to be doing more contests in the future that you will be eligible for. This is the second Mac we’ve given away in less than 2 months.

  • http://atourworst.org Jordan

    Clever idea for a contest :)

    Definitely took advantage of it – http://twitter.com/iphonethemes/status/3894783125

  • http://www.mikelangelo.com Mikelangelo

    This would be SO COOL….I’ve been drooling over the new laptops…

  • http://wparchive.com Ahmed

    Man this awesome im going to join right now :-)

  • Dilip

    Thanx Henry for new contest. hope i’ll win this time. :)

  • Tom

    How do you tie the WDL account to the users’ Twitter account? What happens if it takes forever to reach 150 users? Is there also a deadline?

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Tom: The tweets will be searched on by the hash tag and will be able to identify which user by your username at the end of the tweet. We are about half way there right now. So it looks like the contest is going to take a couple of weeks total…maybe not that long. That’s not too long to wait for a chance to win a Macbook Pro :)

  • Tom

    @Henry Thanks for the answers! I missed the bit about adding the username to the end. Great content by the way!

  • Mikkel Juhl

    Posted my tweet here: http://twitter.com/DaneBlogger/status/3917776081, thanks for great premium content! Really learned a lot!

  • Syed Balkhi
  • Jason Newell

    “Tweets will be judged on the best promotion of WDL Premium within the 140 character limitation of twitter”

    Are you looking for the most creative tweet to draw people to WDL, or just the tweet that best describes what WDL is?

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Jason Newell: When you promote something you definitely want to get peoples attention. This could be done several ways: with creativity, cleverness, humor, or describing how awesome WDL Premium is. It’s up to you, but just make it good :)

  • laura veronesi

    Grate viral! Thanks for the chance :)

  • Steve McCratic

    Really excited to have found you guys! I can’t wait to get home and peruse through your themes. (and win that MacBook Pro!)

  • Zack

    Signed up and tweeted my entry. Quick question: can we do multiple tweets? Would this disqualify us? Would all tweets count?

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Zack: Only one tweet per person. This is stated in the rules. Although, some have done multiple tweets by accident, this is not a big deal and will not disqualify you. We will just judge one of them.

  • Rachel

    Although you say there’s going to be more giveaways that will be eligible for all members…I still think it’s unfair that we aren’t able to enter for this one, to win the MBP. Why not do genuine giveaways (apart from a lifetime membership) to say thank you to those that have joined already, instead of using the MBP as a way to get more members?

    Having said that, good luck to everyone that enters.

  • Rachel Shillcock

    Tweeted my message here: http://twitter.com/missrachilli/statuses/3951955162 When you search my 1st one I’d pressed my enter key without meaning to.

  • Nik Phillips (evil_noodles)

    I entered a while back now, second day i think. I thought I’d have a look at the tweets that people have posted. Some very cool things, however I can’t find my tweet in the list. Despite having the correct syntax!
    Anyone else having that?

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Nik Phillips: Could you post the direct link to your tweet here? Thanks!

  • Kim McReynolds

    I’ve wanted to join for a while, this cinched it! 😀

  • http://markparayno.com Mark Parayno

    Tweeted my message:

    Great contest…I’m glad I found the site…It’s already been a help to me.

  • Nik Phillips

    @Henry http://twitter.com/evil_noodles it was notibly my first tweet!

  • Nicole Quizon


    i had the same problem as nik phillips!

  • MariannaG
  • Richard Collett
  • Kim McReynolds

    Erp – I think I tweeted/twitted twice… Please disregard one 😀

    (the one you like the least of the 2 of course)

  • James W

    In case mine doesn’t show up on the incredibly reliable Twitter search, here’s a link to my tweet: http://twitter.com/clompers/statuses/3892612504 . Almost wishing I had waited to sign up so I could have a shot at the MBP.

  • Kim McReynolds

    Are we almost there? I’m so excited to see who wins! My first tweet’s here: http://twitter.com/SparkThemes/status/3962320297

    I’m so glad I joined finally – and of course would love to retire my 5 year old powerbook that runs too hot and hates playing video – Fingers crossed!!