April 19, 2024

Oracle Has Retired Java Browser Plugin

Oracle has recently announced that its Java plugin for web browsers shall soon be retired and put to rest. This news is being welcomed in the web development community, especially because the said plugin had proven to be insecure on multiple occasions. 

It will not be in effect right away, but the next edition of the Java Developer Kit, shall have the browser plugin as deprecated. Thereafter, in later versions, the Java browser plugin’s functionality will be fully removed.


While this move is expected and a logical one, it comes a bit too late, as most major web browsers have already prepared for a world without Java plugin. Chrome and Firefox have given up on the Java browser plugin, and even the new browser, Microsoft Edge, does not support plugins. As such, only Internet Explorer 11 remains the active major web browser that still supports the Java browser plugin.

The Java browser plugin has been notorious for being a security menace, all thanks to its bugs and security issues. Thus, this announcement from Oracle comes a bit late, but is a logical and correct one.

You can read more about this development on the official Oracle blog.

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