July 15, 2024

MailDrop is a free E-mail Inbox Alternative

There’s a common trend among e-mail applications which all point towards a removal of spam. Nobody likes spam(except maybe spammers) and countless measures have been put in place to deal with it.

A brand new webapp MailDrop.cc is yet another choice among the many existing applications. MailDrop is completely free offering a great user experience with loads of basic e-mail features.

Sign up for a new account and keep that address for as long as you need. It’s a disposeable e-mail address so it can be deleted or changed at any time.

MailDrop screenshot inbox

The developers of MailDrop were kind enough to release the project as open source on GitHub. There haven’t been many recent updates in the repo but it seems to be a very stable system with a lot of support from developers.

I’m sure many folks are wondering exactly how MailDrop works. They have an easy-to-read FAQ page that explains their primary features and how you can sign up for an account.

Each inbox is meant to be disposable which saves you a whole lot of time sifting through & unsubscribing from garbage.

It’s currently running on version 2.0 and has plenty of upcoming features lurking in the rafters.


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