May 28, 2024

My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #44

My name is Mason Ellwood, and I’m currently working on Flatiron School’s Online Full Stack Web Development Program. Each week, I’ll be writing about my experience, what I’m learning, and tips on learning to code.

I recently read online that The Flatiron School recently was bought by WeWork. In the post I was reading yesterday on techcrunch (, it explained that WeWork is a monster co-working company valuing in at roughly 20 million dollars. The deal terms where not disclosed to the public but what the public does know is that this means free tuition to any WeWork employees! Which is sweet if you are apart of that organization, less cool if you are not.

What WeWork is, I guess basically they work with large and small company creating work environments. The closest thing that I can relate to this, that we have here in Arizona is Cohoots ( Creating fast work environments for startups and organizations that need a space fast and cheap.

The reason for them selling is unclear to me. But the techcrunch article stated:

“The news of the deal comes just a week after Flatiron School settled with the NY Attorney General for $375,000 after operating without a license from the NY State Education Department and improperly marketed and promoted its job placement and average starting salary of its graduates.”

But it sounds like Neumann’s is really looking forward to there new partnership and cant wait to get involved in what The Flatiron School has to offer saying:

“Our culture is one in which we are always ready to do more, to learn more, and we are proud to expand our offering with this new platform for learning. In Flatiron, we have found a partner who shares our vision of connecting people — through space, design, technology and community — and understands that those connections are what humanizes the way we work and live. We are all students for life. I am excited to welcome the entire Flatiron School team of educators, engineers and innovators to WeWork to continue to learn, together.”

  • Neumann

In another article, they mentioned that this move is similar to what LinkedIn did with their deal with Creating a one stop shop for both learning and training, “free of charge” with there service.

“WeWork hopes to become a physical manifestation of the same ideals: a physical space where people can work, live, snack, network, and learn.”

What is most interest to read is that because of this recent acquisition there will be now more transparency into the real states of graduation success.

“As a part of the settlement, Flatiron will have to be more transparent about exactly how many of its grads are getting starting salaries of roughly $75,000 and how many are actually employed (versus those who are freelancing or interning). The organization will also have to get a license from the State Education Department even though it does not grant degrees for its courses.”

  • Fast Company (

So what this means for me…..

Most likely nothing haha, I will continue school like I did before, slowly poking my way through Javascript. But this doesn’t discredit that there will be changes that will be made. But it is too soon to tell what this all means. I do want to say that this post is no reflection on how I view the school. This is merely a reflection on a few articles I read online to mirroring the information I had accessible to me.


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