July 15, 2024

30 Magnificent Winery and Vineyard Website Designs

It can be difficult to find high-caliber inspiration for niche design topics. There are hundreds of great portfolio websites but not as many examples for wineries, vineyards, or similar orchards. Over the past few years more businesses have pushed to get online and it has created a demand for quality web design in all areas.

The following websites were hand-picked from vineyards all around the world. Some are popular tourist attractions while others are just family businesses with a history of great products. The one quality they all share is an exemplary display of digital design for the web. Here are some examples of magnificent winery and vineyard website designs.

Finger Lakes Wine Country

finger lakes wine country simple website

Big Basin Vineyards

big basin vineyards website vertical navigation

Martha’s Vineyard

martha vineyard massachusetts homepage layout

Wente Vineyards

wente vineyards homepage fullscreen photo background

Gainey Vineyard

gainey vineyard dark website layout

Blue Mountain Winery

blue mountain winery fullscreen background website


jackson triggs website background layout

Casa Larga

casa larga vineyards winery website

Franklin Hill Vineyards

franklin hill vineyards pennsylvania

Quantum Leap Winery

quantum leap florida winery website layout

Sebastiani Vineyards

sebastiani vineyards clean website layout

Natchez Hills

natchez hills vineyard grunge tan website

Estates & Wines

estates and wines winery homepage

Stratus Vineyards

stratus vineyards clean website layout


france and company wine winery website

DeLoach Vineyards

deloach vineyards dark homepage patterns


cirq russian river valley pinot noir winery

Paraiso Vineyards

paraiso vineyards golden layout homepage

Ironstone Vineyards

ironstone vineyards winery website homepage

Peller Estates Winery

peller estates winery vineyard homepage yellow

Chaddsford Winery

chaddsford winery vineyard homepage simple

Macari Vineyards

macari vineyards clean white simple layout

Morais Vineyards

morais vineyard winery dark homepage


hardys homepage dark website layout winery

Boundary Breaks Vineyard

boundary breaks vineyard website layout

Codorniu’s Cavas

spain spanish codorniu cavas website fullscreen

Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove

mornington peninsula montalto vineyard olive grove

Sandalford Winery

sandalford winery australia vineyard website

Amber Falls

amber falls winery cellar website

Cambria Estate Winery

cambria estate winery website homepage background photo

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.


  1. Matt Reply

    Nice roundup. Some inspiring sites in this bunch. (and is it too early to pour a glass of red? Inspired my taste buds as well it seems 😉

  2. Nicole Ford Reply

    I don’t agree with many of these picks being an “exemplary display of digital design for the web.” As an example, the “CIRQ.” website uses images for key text pieces of the site. This is a “faux-paux” in the biggest way for SEO, especially considering that Google penalizes sites for doing such a thing. This has been known as a poor way of building sites for years and the designer/developer of that site should know this despite your blog post being from Jan. of this year. There’s issues with many other sites that are mentioned here and it’s disappointing because many of them, though not all, lack in not just development but in design as well.

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