June 18, 2024
worst websites ever

The Worst Websites On The Internet. Ever.

3. Patimex 

This website looks and sounds bad from the very beginning – starting with allowing running Adobe Flash player if you want to enter. OK, maybe if you take each element separately, that wouldn’t be too terrible. But if you put them all together and add the music, then YES – it’s THAT bad. If you go to their actual site (www.wegieldrzewny.pl), it looks quite normal. But this only makes you wonder: “Why is the devil grilling himself in a floating BBQ? What’s with that music? Why? Seriously… Why?”

4. Ling’s Cars 

Ling Valentine, the owner of Ling’s Cars, first appeared on the BBC program Dragon’s Den in 2006. The Metro named Lingscars.com as “the worst and weirdest website on the internet” and taking a look at it, I can understand why. It’s filled with flashing graphics, gaudy patterns, and bubble writing.


OK, this is probably the ugliest and most confusing website I have ever seen. The enormous quantity of tiny pictures and links does not help us understand the purpose of this web page. When designing your site, remember that less is more. And this is the best example.


  1. Angus Day Reply

    That’s pretty funny. If you’re going to write up a page criticising other websites, maybe best to make sure that page has functioning, and correct, links.

  2. Dinu Reply

    The attitude behind this article is why designers frequently clash with business folk. What you think is a fail by your design standards most times generate quite a lot of traffic and income.

    One example is the Lings automobiles site. He found a way to differentiate himself from the crowd and get people talking. For a business website, the only two metrics that matter is how much sales is generated and how much trust is built. Aesthetic beauty is not a requirement for either of those, although it can help.

    1. arctangent Reply

      The only thing people are talking about is how or his website is. I’m not sure it will generate much in the way of sales.

      But you may have a point. My Father spent his life working in advertising and h with regards to TV Adverts he always said the only ads that are remembered are the really good ones and the really bad ones. And it’s always easier to make a really bad one!

  3. Scott Cole Reply

    There might be some negativity about this, but I think there are some useful takeaways. If an element adds to the user experience then great. But if it doesn’t add to the experience, it usually detracts.

    As designers that work for businesses we need to meld our own design ideals with the business goals. That means creating a user experience that is positive and generates income, whether that means incorporating more than we would like into a page or chiselling some away to reveal a product that gives the best of both worlds. 🙂

  4. gregorrr Reply

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Ling’s Cars. IMO I think the gaudy design is intentional and awesome.
    I believe is succeeds in executing what it is attempting to achieve.

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