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Push notifications have finally come to Firefox. With a new feature called Web Push, Firefox 44 can now inform you about WebRTC calls, website updates, incoming messages and email, etc.


    Traditional job searches are opaque and one-sided, particularly when it comes to salary negotiations. Candidates often don’t know the market rate for their skill set and level of experience, or how offers they receive stack up to the other opportunities that are out there. Hired is on a mission to change all that….


I wouldn’t normally devote an entire post to a single set of Photoshop brushes, but if there is ever a set of Photoshop brushes that deserves it, it’s this one. A few weeks ago, Niki Brown told us how Design Is In The Details. The level of detail in these brushes is astonishing. According to…


Recently, Google announced that it has started considering HTTPS as a metric when deciding the pagerank of a given website. Thus, all other elements being equal, HTTPS websites get preference over HTTP ones. However, Google has also decided to go a step further: pretty soon, it will mark HTTP websites as “unsafe”, and warn users…


There are approximately 16,009,289 live wordpress websites on the internet right now, and WordPress accounts for approximately 4.6% of all websites. In 2016, both personal and business users alike are looking to amend their website to mold a better user experience. Luckily WordPress is easy to navigate for users and changes can often be made…


Oracle has recently announced that its Java plugin for web browsers shall soon be retired and put to rest. This news is being welcomed in the web development community, especially because the said plugin had proven to be insecure on multiple occasions.