July 12, 2024
wood texture

50 Beautiful Free Wood Textures to Download Today | 2020 Update

For today’s blog post we are shedding a light on 50 Beautiful Free Wood Textures so that you can see, too, how cool they are! Check them out below! 

There are numerous textures available on the web these days. You can choose any texture you need, from paper to fabric.

However, it’s quite challenging to find high-quality textures and download them for free.

Designers use textures for website design, business cards, flyers, invitations, banners, social media covers, and more.

Let’s talk about why wood textures are cool.

In my opinion, wood texture is cool because when you are on your computer, or on a website, you don’t expect to get natural, rustic vibes.

In a way, it takes you away from your computer screen and back to mother nature.

Wood textures are not for any type of project, though.

It doesn’t make sense for a company that sells car parts to use a wood grain background.

But when those particular projects that need the touch of the forest come along, you are able to pull that ace out from your sleeve.

Designers work hard to offer the best quality products, and some of them are so nice that they offer them for free.

In this list, we have put together 25 free wood textures you can download and use for free.

The collection features marble wood texture, old wood, village wood, weathered wood, pinewood, grain wood, and many more textures.

1. Wood Texture Background

wood texture

2. Light Wood Texture

3. Light Wood Background With Greenery

4. Dark Wood And Bark Texture

5. Grey Wood Background

6. Wood Background Image

7. Black Wood Texture Background Image

8. Light Carved Wood Background

9. Warm Colored Textured Wood

10. Moody and Artsy Wood Picture

11. Dark and Light Wood Texture

12.  Artistic Wood Image

13. Tiger Striped Wood Image

14. Blue and Grey Wood Texture

15. Wooden Background

16. Beautiful Wooden Background

17. Rings of A Stump Image

18. Simple Wooden Background

19. Black Wood Rings Background Image

20. Different Pieces of Wood Textures

21. Old Wood Texture

22. Tree Trunk Surface Photo

23. Brown Plywood Photo

24. Grey Wooden Surface Photo

25. White Paint Splattered on Wood

26. Wood Texture Wallpaper


27. Wood Texture


28. Vector Wood Texture


29. Grey Tree Bark Texture


30. Wood texture Vector


31. Marbled Wood Texture Stock


32. Vector Wood Texture Background


33. Old Wood Background Texture


34. Village Wooden Surface Background


35. Pine wood texture


36. Wood Grain Texture


37. Wooden planks background


38. Brown Aged Wood Boards


39. Log Cabin Wall Texture


40. Green Wooden Facade Seamless Texture


41. Burnt Wood Plank Texture


42. White wooden surface


43. Timber wall texture pattern


44. Antique wooden planks texture




46. Cracked Peeling Plywood Texture


47. Wooden Wall Photo Backdrop


48. White wood textures


49. Home Made Wooden Board


50. Weathered Vintage Table Top Texture


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Until next time,

Stay creative, folks!


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