April 19, 2024

Free Code Snippets for CSS3 Animation

Online tutorials are useful but not always plentiful when it comes to really detailed animation effects. But if you already know enough about coding then it’s easy to dissect someone else’s example to recreate your own. CSS3 animation is still a new topic hot off the presses with fresh source code examples delivered by your friendly neighborhood code repository.

I scoured through Google putting together 30 examples of brilliant code snippets for CSS3 animation effects. The code snippets are free and open source to copy into any work personal or commercial. Each sample is hosted live on CodePen with access to all resources and a live demo. There’s bound to be something in here that’ll catch your attention so take a peek and see if you can incorporate any of these CSS3 animations into your own design work.

Sailboat Animation

full page css3 animation sailboat

Weather Icons

animated weather icons howto code

Less Loaders

open source css3 loader animations

Popup Window

css3 magnific popup code

Cube Animation

css3 rotation loop cube animated 3d

Circle Illusion Loader

illusion circle loader animation effect

Tumblr Like/Unlike

tumblr style animation like unlike

Minimal Throbbers

animated circles throbbers free code

CSS3 Animated Effects

hover animated effects css3 code

Map Marker

css3 only map marker animated icon

Cloudy Spiral

cloudy spiral effect css3 open source

MacBook Air

css3 macbook air icon animated movable

Concentric Spheres

loading animation freebie concentric spheres

Cubes in CSS3

css3 animation effect using cubes

Slidedown UI

pure css3 slide down menu toggle

Animated Switch

css3 glowing light switch on off

Moving Gears

moving css3 gears icon style

Green Beaker

green science beaker lab icon motion

Progress Bars

html5 animated css3 progress bars

PayPal Animation

css3 paypal loading animation effect open source

CSS3 Loader

css3 loader animation effect freebie

Animated Wifi Symbol

animated wifi lines symbol css3

CSS3 Buttons

css3 button hover animation effect

Animated Checkbox

css3 animated check box effect

Camera Icon

css3 pure camera icon animation open source

Knob Rotation

glowing light circle rotation effect

iOS-Style Switches

css3 switches ios7 ios8 open source code

Working Clock

css3 working clock animated effect


jumping vector css3 rabbit effect animated

CSS3 Loading Bar

css3 loading bar animated effect

Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.


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