April 21, 2024

Inspiring Examples of Negative Space in Logo Design

Here on WDL we really like negative space and the concept surrounding it, specially when it comes to logos. For those not familiar with the term, negative space is all that empty space around and between elements in a design, it’s the space that some designers use to give a nice and unique touch to things. Using the space around a logo is a clever way to give it a beautiful and elegant look, so instead of adding elements you can use the empty space to strengthen the meaning of the design.

















Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founder of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr


  1. Anna Green Reply

    When it comes to logo design, negative space is most definitely a positive thing! Great collection of beautiful logos here and they illustrate perfectly your point. Thanks for sharing!

  2. JT Reply

    Fantom is the best one, because it’s totally in line with their name and make it really strong! For the other logos, it’s nice but that’s all…

    1. Dave Hall Reply

      I like the typographic execution of the logo… except for the fact that the concept is based on the word phantom.

  3. Alice Reply

    These logos that play with negative space are amongst the most fun logos out there. I wish I had more opportunities to create logos like these. You’ve got to be really creative to come up with something truly unique and original.

  4. Daniel Lim Reply

    Hi Gisele!

    I love collection of inspiring logos like the one you’ve just made. However, unlike those that I’ve seen so many times all over the web, that are more or less reworks & copies of the same article, just varying in order and presentation, I must say that you’ve really amassed a good collection of logos that I’ve not come across.

    Love the way how they’ve all managed to make use of negative space so effectively.

    I think one reason why the logos stand out is because of the way they cleverly utilize the subtle tweaks in fonts that give them that edge and extra snazziness.

    I’m a design and brand identity lover myself. Once again, great collection! You made me smile! 🙂


  5. Saadcreative Reply

    I believe that negaive space design is one of the best approaches in logo design. Besides the fact that it’s trendy, and some may say cliché – as I did before – in science terms, our eye percieves everything and our brain analyzes it. The fact of whether or not you realize a part of what you see is what separates your conscious mind from the inconscious.

    Many logos only talk to the conscious, some may be strong because our conscience is trained differently within each person. Negative space logos communicate to both levels of perception and I come to the “so far so it is” conclusion that negative spaces logos are more striking than “positive” logo.

    It doesn’t mean that one is necessarely better than the other, up to the artist to make it better!

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