July 22, 2024

How VPS Hosting Can Benefit Your Online Business

Today’s net-savvy customer is used to user-friendly websites. However, sometimes this experience might be hampered due to slow speed and malware infections. These and other issues can be tackled by utilizing efficient web hosting. Though various types of web hosting are available in the market, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a perfect choice as it is an amalgamation of shared and dedicated server.

  • Need for right web hosting plan

Possible-Risk & Disadvantages-of-Web-Host


Hence, VPS proves to be a better choice in eliminating maximum risks.

VPS – Probably the best!
A VPS host allows full access to resources. Although there is a single physical server, it partitions itself to run numerous virtualized operating systems like Windows and Linux.
This indicates that though other OS share a similar environment, every user gets a dedicated server. VPS hosting is thus profitable and facilitates clutter-free working of the site.

To understand it better, consider:


  • Thus, VPS presents best of both the services and hence it is the most sought after option. It gives you access to all the resources that you pay for without creating any interruption due to other users.
  • The flexibility to run any OS also provides usage of applications like MySQL. The protection of files against malwares makes it secure even on a shared virtual platform.
  • It also facilitates customization of services enhancing its usage as a stand-alone server. The choice of independent reboot is one of its popular highlights.


Ideal Solution for your Online Business

A slight issue with hosting can affect a website’s traffic drastically. Hence, use of a reliable VPS hosting for start-ups and small business online ventures,  not only assures smooth functioning but also protects it from malicious access, and profiting. With individual resources and room for flexibility, it offers users, the peace of mind without adding the expenses as in a dedicated hosting.



  1. zaba Reply

    I moved to a VPS, and moved all my clients after having a multi-site shared account with a well known supplier. Initially everything was great until I started getting sites hacked. Countless hours were spent, both by myself and the hosting company to eradicate the attacks, but they kept on coming. A lot of this was down to insecurities in PLESK, so I was told, even though everything was up to date. Eventually I had invested so many hours and lost a few clients due to this. I moved everything back to a reliable multi-site shared hosting account and have been trouble free for 2 years. Just saying.

    1. Chris Schneider Reply

      Very interesting, we had the opposite experience. We were on a shared hosting account, but some other site on the server kept getting DOS attacked, which crippled the server, bringing it down over and over again. So I couldn’t stand it anymore, went over to VPS and haven’t looked back, that was 2 years ago. I think every person / company is going to have different needs and wants, and the person making decisions just has to know what’s best for them and their situation.

      1. zaba Reply

        I agree, I so wanted it to work as the control it gave me was great. Shared hosting has dramatically improved of late though, and there are some excellent companies out there, and some you should stay well clear of. All I can say is that I sleep well at night now 🙂

  2. Diego Reply

    After moving from a bluehost shared hosting plan to a VPS with rosehosting I noticed a huge improvement in the loading speed.

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