Author: Jake Rocheleau


Typekit adds new Fonts to their growing Library

The Typekit team just published a new blog post detailing some brand new fonts added into their collection. It seems Q4 2015 users and beyond will have access to some grand new font families, along with additional styles to previously-existing families. Many new additions come from the foundries of Delve Fonts and Phil’s Fonts. All […]


Postabounty offers Referrals for Recommending Job Applicants

So many companies are looking for great talent but it’s hard to find the perfect fit. With the Internet it has become so much easier, but there’s still a gap with knowing where to find great talent. So is there a way you can actually earn money with this process? Surprisingly, yes! Postabounty is a […]


Hacker Menu Delivers Hacker News to your Mac Menu Bar

The widely popular Hacker News site has gained notoriety for breaking stories related to the startup & programming sphere. Popular stories rise every day and it’s a very lively community. Mac users now have the option to access Hacker News right from their native desktop. Hacker Menu is a completely free open source project that […]


Stacklist Collects Business Apps for Startups

A new hand-curated website collects some of the best applications for businesses and organizes them based on features. The site is called Stacklist and it seems to be growing in popularity. It’s meant to be a hand-curated guide of all potential tools out there from invoicing to CRM and project management. You can view a […]


New Webapp Lists Internships in San Francisco Area

A brand new website has launched under the name Internships in San Francisco. It’s meant to be a large data collection of internships for programmers, designers, marketers, and anyone else who may want to move into the tech/startup industry. Each internship is ranked by category, length of time, and if it’s paid or unpaid. It […]


A Free Open Source Node.js & MongoDB CMS

Hundreds of free open source CMS engines have flooded the market with new releases every year. Advancements in development have allowed for greater support among CMS devs that go far beyond general Rails or PHP. Notably the Node.js library allows devs to write frontend + backend code strictly in JavaScript – something that’s seemingly quite […]