May 20, 2024

JSON Generator is a free webapp for Generating Data Structures

JSON Generator is a free web tool for building sample JSON content. You simply enter a few parameters based on custom data like avatar photos, user names, etc.

A built-in algorithm passes over the syntax to create fully-functioning custom JSON data for any web application.

The site was created by Vazha Omanashvili as a project for generating JSON code & managing custom blocks of sample data.

While the site has been online and runs perfectly, it still has a little ways to go beyond just a simple code generator. Many devs would like to see JSON Generator follow a similar path of jsFiddle or CodePen.

In fact a brand new version JSON Generator has recently been released with personal accounts, pre-built templates, custom code forking and a whole lot more. Although it’s still in beta you can test it out live to see how it fares.

Either way this can be a fantastic application for testing JSON code or just compiling sample data for a web application.

To stay on top of new releases you can follow the official Twitter account @JSONGenerator.

JSON Generator webapp

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