July 18, 2024

The Curved Desktop Display Has Arrived

In 2014 curved TVs have become all the rage. In fact one popular brand recently stated that their curved TVs were outselling the flagship flat screens by a ratio of 3:1. Some of the advantages are that people feel more immersed in what they are watching, they create a wider per say “view of the field”, you can see more sharpness at the edges of the image, pictures appear to have more depth, richer contrast performance, and you can watch pictures from a wider viewing angle. Needless to say I guess the curved screens must be here to stay.

LG has just launched curved display that will appeal heavily to the graphic design and photographer crowds. A 34 inch 21:9 Curvy IPS display. The size and feel of the monitor at your station is impressive. Screen real estate, stunning color expression, viewing immersion, and connection hub, all rolled up into one display. I know all you graphic designers out there love to have a sleek looking desk. If you want you could take about 8 of these and make a complete circle around your station while you work. However, the beauty for me is that 1 single display can do the trick of two of my current displays. In fact my initial concern was that the ridiculous amount of screen real estate might be too much to manage. I’ve always liked that my 2nd monitor has a clean break from my main view. I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel like I could push something to the side but still have it close enough to access. However, when I started using the monitor I quickly started to realize the issue of my current 2 monitor setup. Not only do I have enough screen to push something to the side but I also have enough to actually run 2 or 3 applications side by side and give them all equal attention.


On the photography side of things the 21:9 with 3440 x 1440 QHD resolution porved to be a lot more screen room than two 16:9 Full HD resolution monitors put together. The curve stood out even more. You can fill the vast yet sharp monitor space with Lightroom window for weeding out photos and transfer them simultaneously on Photoshop on the the second half of the screen. I’ve attached a picture to illustrate what I am talking about.


Below is a video put together by LG showing off their curved masterpiece. It does a great job of showcasing the features of this display. Being immersed in what you are doing and feeling surrounded are accurate descriptions of the way it feels to work with the curved display. The scene at the end with the car circling a full circle of curved displays was a nice touch. Check it out!

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  1. Teelah Reply

    This is so great! Thanks for the share. I never thought about using a curve desk. I wish the space at our office wasn’t so square, I don’t think curve desks will work.

    Sweet though!

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