June 18, 2024

Top Tools and Services for Developers in 2019

Looking to change your software development practices for the better? You already have the know-how and experience, and you always strive to improve your skills? But, if you feel you’ve hit a plateau, the tools you’re using could easily be the source of the problem.

Choosing the right tools and services is always a challenge, especially when more and more come on the market every year. Bridging the gap between development and operations has always been a challenge. That is one place where having the right tools can make your efforts much easier.

There are certain factors you need to consider when looking for a certain development tool. They are based on the type of the project involved. The products and services recommended in this article consider these factors.


Elementor has proven to be an extremely popular web design tool. So popular in fact that some of its users might not be aware that it this open source project was created with developers in mind. While it’s has most features designers love, it’s literally packed with features you’ll love if you’re a developer.

As is the case with many open-source solutions, great ideas come from a range of contributors that, along with the Elementor team, work tirelessly to build on its already full stack of solutions you can use to address your own problems and create your own solutions.

Elementor’s development solutions include CLI Integration, Custom CSS, CSS Optimization, Version Rollback Capabilities, and Request Parameters for data tracking across multiple pages. Elementor is also RTL ready.

The developer’s documents offer a great place to learn how to extend this extremely extensible development tool and get the most from its editor, live preview, its frontend features, and the extensive library of useful widgets.

And Co

If you’re spending lots of time invoicing it’s probably because your business is doing well, but it stops being good news when it takes too much time away from your core development work. AND.CO is a smart development app that tracks time, creates your invoices for you, and alerts you when they’ve been viewed or paid.

This nifty invoicing app syncs across all your devices, so you can stay on top of your cash flow and billings and even manage your invoicing while on the go. There’s no need to spend time manually inputting billable hours either, AND.CO does it for you. You can even use AND.CO to create proposals and use the information contained in them as the basis for invoicing.

One more thing: when you receive a payment, AND.CO automatically deposits it in your bank account.


As a developer, you naturally lean toward or rely entirely on flexible and extensible open source tools to get your work done. Atom is precisely such a tool. This open source desktop application runs on Electron, which enables it to help you build cross platform apps and use it on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Atom also works with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Node.js integration, and the ability to choose among thousands of open source packages to work with makes it a super-extensible application. If you choose, you can build your own package from scratch, publish it, and share it with others.

Atom also promotes collaboration among developers. When developers work together and share knowledge as they do so, great things can happen. Collaborating with others on coding becomes no more difficult than coding on your own since Atom allows you to compare and edit code across files and view an entire project or multiple projects in a single window.


Is having to perform multiple tests on multiple applications starting to drag you down? Testim was developed to enable Agile teams author more tests while spending less time managing and maintaining them. This development tool allows you to run multiple tests on multiple browsers and receive the results in a matter of minutes.

With Testim, you can conduct testing in their cloud or your private cloud. Testim is a straightforward solution to the problem of being swamped by large-scale testing.

TMS Outsource

Whether outsourcing web development is an option or a necessity, doing so has many advantages. Outsourcing can save money, teams like TMS Outsource are experts at what they do, you can rely on on-time delivery, and you can focus on your core business activities.

TMS Outsource also relieves you of the challenge of having to search for a development team you can rely on; a team that adheres to SCRUM development methodologies in their work.


Sending out invoices with InvoiceBerry is as easy as it gets. Select a professionally designed Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Open Source template, add your logo, content, and the customer’s email address, and InvoiceBerry will do the rest.

Customers can pay via Stripe, PayPal, or WePay. Since unpaid invoices appear on your dashboard, you’ll always know who’s paid and who hasn’t. Try InvoiceBerry for free for 30 days.

What makes a good developer tool?

Problem talented, hard-working developers often face to determine which of the many tools on the market would make good choices.

The tools come in many shapes and flavors. Making the right choices often depends on the nature of the project being worked on.

There are tools for:

  • Skill Development and Data Science
  • Project Management and Issue Tracking
  • Frameworks and Cloud Management and Storage
  • An Integrated Development Environment
  • DevOps, Prototyping, and Notifications and
  • Unified Modeling Language

These tools should be useful, integrable, and appropriate to the project environment and have a reasonable learning curve.

To choose a “best” tool it’s important to look for one that’s extensible, has a large user base, and is easy to use. A good choice can contribute to improved workflows and more productive project outcomes.


5 development tools and services might not seem like a lot to choose from. But if you look carefully there are probably one or two that could significantly improve your project workflows as well as the end results.

Each of these tools and services is designed to make you more productive, add to your skillset, remove a burden from your shoulders, or all the above.


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