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Brave: A Web Browser That Blocks Ads

Brendan Eich, one of the founders of Mozilla, has recently announced the launch of a new startup, and much like Mozilla, this venture too has a lot to do with web browsing. Meet Brave, a new web browser that will block all advertisements by default. 


Web Inspector Turns 10

Web Inspector, the popular open source web development tool for Safari web browser, is now ten years old. For a decade now, Web Inspector has helped developers prototype, inspect and debug their code on iOS and Mac devices. 


Value-based billing: Escaping the trap of trading hours for dollars

In the Billing Like a Boss series, you’ve learned about how to work through the uncomfortable money talk with clients and the basics of an invoice for web designers. We’ve also shared some easy ways to get your invoices paid lightning fast. In this post, we’ll share with you the problems with hourly-based billing and…


Announcing Figma – A Collaborative Interface Design Tool

Figma launches the world’s first professional-grade, online tool created specifically for interface design. It’s a new way for teams to collaborate on web and app interface design projects entirely in the browser. Think the Google Docs of interface design. The tool is aimed to challenge Adobe‘s CC design software, which according to Figma is “Cloud…


Google’s Next Generation of Prototyping Tools

Google UX Designer Owen Otto, recently participated in a field study where he interviews designers who worked in the digital space to find out what the pain points where when in the process of design to production. The feedback he received was centered around the universal problem the limitation that surrounds tools designers use. Creating…


How to Give an Effective Design Presentation

Mark Twain said, “There are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and liars.” Most of us are in that first category. Maybe you even looked forward to being a graphic designer because you didn’t want to speak to big groups of people. You probably thought you would stay in the studio…


C4 is a framework for Creative Coding

C4 is a coding framework that allows you to program using native iOS. It is open-sourced and so you can explore endless possibilities. C4 is great for beginners who want to get into programming for iOS, because it is easy to learn due to its simplified API and Consistent objects. Even though it was built…

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