10 Fresh jQuery Tutorials to Enhance Navigation Menus

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A few years ago, when designers wanted to add cool effects to the navigation of a website they used Flash. We all know the types of problems that caused. Now with the growing popularity of javascript frameworks like jQuery, those same types of “Flash-like” effects can be achieved without Flash. Here are 10 jQuery tutorials and techniques to enhance your website’s navigation and menus.

Horizontal Scroll Menu with jQuery Tutorial

jquery navigation

BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs

jquery navigation


jquery navigation

Outside the Box Navigation with jQuery

jquery navigation

Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS

jquery navigation

A Simple and Beautiful jQuery Accordion Tutorial

jquery navigation

Make a Mega Drop-Down Menu with jQuery

jquery navigation

jQuery look: Tim Van Damme

jquery navigation

jQuery Feed Menus

jquery navigation

Create a Good Looking Floating Menu with jQuery Easing

jquery navigation

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  • http://www.madebyguerrilla.com Mike Smith

    Nice list. the timvandamme one is going to come in handy for the new version of iammikesmith.com I am working on.

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    This couldn’t come at a better time, trying to learn jQuery ATM

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    Nice Collection of jQuery-Navigations. If your interested in some other Navigation-Solutions by jQuery, don’t miss jQuery – The easy way to navigate!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Daniel Long

    There are some really good ideas for nav menus in this collection. The first example is one of my favourites, I think it would work well as a menu for an archive of blog posts. Another great example is the ‘Spritemenu’. I really like how when hovering over a button, the darker blue covers the button to highlight where you are. I will definetly be following the tutorials to try and re-create some of these, and try to push the idea further.

  • http://joaoramos.org joão

    I’m absolutelly in love with the first plugin on this showcase.. it’s beautiful! :)

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  • Jeremy

    Great list, but…

    The “Outside the Box with jQuery Navigation” only links to an example. Is that not a packaged download, just an example of what you can do? Thanks.

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