May 25, 2024

Win a Custom Deck of Web Design Cards from TemplateMonster: 7 Days, 7 Winners, 7 Prizes

Earlier this year, TemplateMonster released a unique, interactive infographic that has gathered together 52 web design trends from the past decade. Now, these guys have gone one step further by creating a custom-made deck of web design playing cards inspired by the infographic. Starting from June 10 till June 17 2015 you can try your luck by participating in the giveaway. You might remember this company as they have already hosted a few giveaways on our blog. This time you can become a happy owner of 1 of 7 decks of web design playing cards.

web design trends - playing cards

Before we move on to the terms of the giveaway, let’s remind ourselves what the Web Design Trends infographic is all about. As we’ve already mentioned above, TemplateMonster made an attempt to combine all the most popular web design trends from 2004 till 2015 in one place and, frankly speaking, this attempt has been very successful. By browsing it year-by-year, trend-by-trend you can dip into the atmosphere of web design, and learn about the web design history in an interactive way.


Inspired by the infographic and material design trend that is so popular in 2015, TemplateMonster has developed unique web design cards that allow you to study web design while playing your favorite card games. A deck consists of 52 cards, each of which represents one web design trend. Every card features the name of the trend for which it stands, a hand-crafted visualization, a short description, and the year when this trend was popular. The back of the cards is designed in material design. You can have a closer look at these web design poker cards by watching a short video below.

Starting from June 10th until June 17th 2015 you can participate in the giveaway and get a custom deck of poker cards for free.

How to Win

  • Go to the main page of the Web Design Trends infographic, and run through the information it provides, if you have not seen it before.
  • Enter a short and simple quiz (Find the START button on the main page of the infographic). It includes 7 questions only. In order to pass it successfully, there should be at least three correct answers.
  • When you have finished, remember to share your successful results via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by adding a hashtag #Customcarddeck. Take note that the more actively you share your score, the more likely you will win.
  • Leave a comment below this post with a link to your post(s) on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

At the conclusion of the giveaway we’ll select 7 winners randomly. Each winner will get a deck of web design playing cards.

Are you in?



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      Hi Teelah, I wish you would be one of 7 winners, but will you please submit a comment with a link to your message about the Web Design Guru badge? The badge can be posted on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page (or on all of them to get a better chances of winning) Thank you

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