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Retalk Catalogs the best Talks on Design & Development

It can take 15-20 minutes of browsing YouTube to find a good video on the topic you’re looking for. Conferences around the world often record their presentations and set the up on video sharing websites for free. Sometimes you’ll even find playlists of these videos, but who has the time to keep up on the…


Curated Videos for UI Designers and Digital Artists

Designers love to hear other designers share their knowledge and tidbits of advice regarding the design indusry. You can hear this stuff at conferences, but those cost a lot of money and travel time. The natural alternative would be videos posted online. But who has time to search through YouTube or Vimeo for an inspirational…


Paper Kit UI brings Color to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one the most popular frontend HTML/CSS/JS dev frameworks on the market. It’s completely free and was originally based on Twitter’s UI design style. Over the years new features have been added to the library, yet it still follows a similar tone as the original design. Many sites created with Bootstrap function exceptionally well…


Free Tutorials by Level Up for Web Designers & Developers

This is the perfect time to learn how to design or build websites. Anyone can start from a complete novice and become self-educated based solely on the dozens of free resources online. Level Up Tutorials is one of these resources. It’s a website made to catalog the best video tutorials teaching how to write code…


FlatDSGN is your Design Resource for All Things Flat

Perhaps the most popular modern UI design trend is flat design. Apple’s iOS 7 adopted this design style with Google following suit afterwards. Many web designers also prefer the flat style for its simplicity and widespread acceptance. FlatDSGN is an inspiration gallery and directory full of flat design resources. It’s an ode to designers looking…


Ways We Work: Stories & Interviews from Talented People at Great Companies

It’s always fascinating to read about the different journeys and pathways that people have walked. In the tech world there are millions of stories from developers, designers, marketers, and founders from all over the globe. Some of the most intriguing pieces are often personal interviews offering anecdotes and genuine advice. A new online publication has…

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